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Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets

Travelling after the morning rush hour? You can save money when you buy an Off-Peak ticket.

Off-Peak - great savings every day

If you’re travelling on a weekday but after the morning peak time, it’s cheaper to get an Off-Peak ticket.

You can buy singles and return tickets to come back the same day or within one calendar month – and they’re great value.

The times you can use your Off-Peak ticket depend on the train company you’re travelling with, where you’re going and when you’re travelling.

Use the journey planner to check for Off-Peak services. Off-Peak services will only show up in your search results if they are available for your journey.

Off-Peak at a glance

  • Travel Monday-Friday outside busy times
  • Travel any time on weekends and Bank Holidays


Book Off-Peak tickets

Super Off-Peak - save even more

If you can avoid travelling in the early evening, or if you’re travelling on a weekend or Bank Holiday, you’ll pay less than the normal Off-Peak fare. And you can buy a London Travelcard or use your Railcard too.

As well as all day on weekends and Bank Holidays, Super Off-Peak tickets are available on weekday services arriving in London after 10:55 and returning outside the evening peak of 16:15 to 19:15.

Super Off-Peak at a glance

  • Travel outside morning and evening peak times, or on a weekend or Bank Holiday
  • Use with your Railcard or GroupSave discount to save even more


Book Super Off-Peak tickets

Eastbourne to London Victoria

Super Off-Peak Day Return

Buy tickets from £19.40

Brighton to London Victoria

Off-Peak Day Return

Buy tickets from £30.50

Horsham to London Victoria

Super Off-Peak Day Travelcard

Buy tickets from £21.80

Off-Peak on Southern

Travel restrictions on Off-Peak Return tickets depend on your journey.

Off-Peak tickets may be valid to certain stations, but not to others using the same train service. Always use an online journey planner or speak to a staff member to check when your ticket is valid for your journey.

Off-Peak Singles and the outward portion of Off-Peak Returns are valid for travel on the date shown on the ticket and until 04:29 the following morning. When using Off-Peak Day tickets all travel must be completed by 04:29 on the following morning of the date on the ticket.

Time restrictions apply to Off-Peak travel on Monday to Friday, but these tickets are valid for travel at any time on weekends and Bank Holidays.

Read the general terms and conditions for Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets. Questions about this service? Contact us

Travelling outside busy times?

Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets will save you money