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Whether you’re commuting to London or on a day trip to the coast, find the best ticket for you and your journey.

Travelling for leisure or pleasure

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Want to avoid rush hour? With a Super Off-Peak or Off-Peak ticket you can save by travelling outside the morning or evening peaks, at weekends and on Bank Holidays. For even bigger savings, add your Railcard or GroupSave discount too.
Travelling with children? Up to 4 kids (aged 5-15) can travel for just £2 when accompanied by an adult travelling on Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets.

Extra discounts

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Are you a frequent leisure traveller? Take your pick from all the Railcard options available. They all give you 1/3 off your normal fares (in addition to some of our other great discounts) for only £30 a year. Remember to check the time restrictions for your Railcard. For great ideas for days out and things to do, check out our destination guides.
Travelling with friends? With GroupSave, groups of 3-9 friends travelling together can save 34% on Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets.
Will you be travelling by bus too? PLUSBUS gives you unlimited bus travel with your train ticket. Prices start from £2 a day. Check if PlusBus is available in your area.

Business travel and commuting

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Want the best possible price? An Advance ticket gives the best value for travellers who can plan ahead. Prices start from £5 for a single.
Want to be flexible about train times? With an Anytime ticket, you can travel any time of the day – peak or off-peak. Plus you can get on and off at any station along your route.
Got a regular commute? A weekly, monthly or annual Season tickets is a great way for regular travellers to save money and time queuing for tickets. Upgrade to a GoldCard, for extra benefits, like discounts on leisure travel for you and your family.
Looking for more space to work or relax? Travel in style with a First Class ticket.
Want to avoid the ticket office? Sign up for the safe and simple key smartcard. Simply touch in and out of station ticket barriers just like an Oyster card. It’s easy to add your weekly, monthly or annual season ticket, and you can even pay as you go with our new top up system KeyGo.
Looking for the best ticket for train AND tube travel? A Travelcard is the simple answer. Available from any station into London, the Travelcard is valid in London Zones 1-6 on trains, buses, tubes, trams and most DLR trains.
Want to travel ticket-free in London? Use your contactless card to pay for your journey – just touch in and out at the barriers and you'll be charged the best price for your travel at the end of the day.


Have a look below at some of our most frequently asked questions about finding the right ticket…

What is the difference between Return and Day Return for Anytime and Off-Peak tickets?

A Return ticket will allow you to return any time within a month, while a Day Return can only be used on the day of travel.

What do you mean by Off-Peak?

Travel restrictions on Off-Peak Return tickets depend on your particular journey. Off-Peak tickets may be valid to certain stations, but not to others using the same train service. Always use an online journey planner or speak to a staff member to check when your ticket is valid for your journey.

What tickets does Money Back Guarantee apply to?

The guarantee is valid for Anytime, Off-Peak Day, Off-Peak, and Super Off-Peak Day tickets nationwide when purchased online, including child tickets and discounted railcard tickets.

All other tickets including Daysave, season tickets and Advance tickets are excluded from this offer.

Our Money Back Guarantee doesn't apply to any tickets purchased on the Key Smartcard.

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